Robert Chamberlain, PhD

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I serve on this CEESP grant because of my expertise in cancer education, research training, and epidemiologic research in minority and underserved settings. I served on the NCI review group, Subcommittee G for many years, and most recently was Chair. I am a Fellow and Past-President of the American Association for Cancer Education. I led [...]

Amr Soliman, M.D, Ph.D

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Over the past 25 years, Dr. Amr Soliman has been collaborating with faculty in Africa, the Middle East, and minority populations in the U.S. to develop a program in international cancer epidemiology and migration studies. This has led to a strong research infrastructure with several centers in Africa to investigate the epidemiology of colorectal, cervical, [...]

Joan Dorn, Ph.D

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Dr. Dorn’s came to CUNY Medical School in November 2014 after serving as Chief of the Physical Activity and Health Branch in the Division of Nutrition, Physical Activity and Obesity at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Prior to that Dr. Dorn served as Professor and Chair of the Department of Exercise and Nutrition Sciences [...]

Marlene Camacho-Rivera, ScD, MPH

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Dr. Marlene Camacho-Rivera is an Assistant Medical Professor in the department of Community Health and Social Medicine at the CUNY School of Medicine.  An epidemiologist by training, Dr. Camacho-Rivera’s research focuses on three main themes:     Elucidating social determinants of racial/ethnic disparities in chronic diseases such as asthma and cancer     Exploring within [...]

Erica Lubetkin, MD

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Dr. Lubetkin’s publications have focused on health literacy and information in Haitians, examining intuitive cancer risk perceptions in Haitian- Creole and Spanish populations, promoting cancer prevention and control in community-based HIV/AIDS service organizations, differences in patient activation across new immigrant, diverse language subgroups, and the intersection of HIV/AIDS and cancer. She also has published extensively on patient-reported [...]

Tashuna Albritton, Ph.D

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Dr. Albritton is an Assistant Medical Professor in the Department of Community Health and Social Medicine. Dr. Albritton has extensive training in community-based behavioral intervention research, particularly with minority populations, in both urban and rural communities. She completed a 3-year postdoctoral fellowship at the Yale University Center for Interdisciplinary Research on AIDS and School of [...]

Victoria Frye, DrPH

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Dr. Frye arrived at the CUNY School of Medicine/Sophie Davis Program in Biomedical Education in late 2015, after serving as the Head of the Laboratory of Social and Behavioral Sciences at the New York Blood Center and as an Assistant Professor of Clinical Sociomedical Sciences at Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health. Dr. Frye’s [...]