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Students interested in applying to the program need to follow the following steps:

  • Review the abstracts, videos, and publications of previous students on the CEESP website.
  • Check the profiles and research programs of the Program faculty and off-campus domestic and global collaborators described on the CEESP website.
  • Contact Dr. Amr Soliman ( to schedule Skype, phone, or video-conference appointments to discuss students’ interests and possible projects.
  • Develop and submit a one-page proposal that should include a project title, background/introduction of the proposed research project, the research methods, how the project will build on the student’s previous and current education and training, and the learning experience from conducting the proposed summer research project.
  • In addition to the mini-proposal, students need to submit the following by email:
    • The application form
      Download Application
    • Unofficial transcripts of your undergraduate degree and the last semester in the graduate public health program for MPH and MSc students. Doctoral students need to submit the unofficial transcripts of their undergraduate, MPH or masters’ program, and the last semester of their doctoral program.
    • An updated CV/Resume.
    • A PowerPoint presentation of the project that will be presented to the reviewers of the Advisory Committee (AC), usually in January of each year.
    • The deadline for applications is February 13th of each year for summer research of the following year.
    • Students are usually notified of the results of their application approximately 4 days following their interview with the AC.