Tran Thanh Huong, MD, PhD

/Tran Thanh Huong, MD, PhD

Dr Tran Thanh Huong is the Vice Director of the National Institute for Cancer Control; Vice Director of the Bright Future Foundation, a supportive fund for cancer patients; and Vice Head of the Department of Ethics and Health Psychology at Hanoi Medical University.

Dr Huong has extensive expertise in developing, evaluating and capacity building for evidence-based identifying risk factors of cancer. She leads the curriculum development on social determinants of non-communicable diseases and health psychology for undergraduate and postgraduate students at the Hanoi Medical University. She currently is coordinator for a program on breast cancer prevention and the program “Improvement for Cancer Control in Vietnam: Selection of Appropriate Techniques for Breast and Cervical Cancer in Low-Middle Income Countries.” She also runs several programs to promote more accessible medicines for cancer patients. More recently, she is expanding her cancer-care interest to look at psychosocial intervention to support cancer patients. She plans to build on this work and integrate her expertise in evidence-based practices for cancer care.

Dr Huong earned her medical degree from Hanoi Medical University in 1996 and completed a PhD on psychosocial medicine at the Karolinska Institutet, Sweden, in 2006.

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